In unitized system panels are prefabricated and glazed so that they can be easily installed on site. Primarily, they are constructed in a controlled environment where the seals and tooling can be monitored and checked with quality control programs. Many of the alumatech processes used are automated with high end technology machines imported from germany, thus resulting in a consistent product application in a more timely manner.

The unitized ensures high quality system, saves time and labor in the field which allows increased savings for everyone.
In semi-unitized systems the mullions and transoms are installed at site. The glass units are assembled in the factory along with the clips which are transported to the site and hooked on to the installed framework. In this system a variety of elevational profiles in the finished glazing is possible, including inclines and curvatures. All joinery / perimeter sealants are field installed. This is perfect tool transform the architect's visualization into reality.
Unitised Structural Glazing System
Semi-Unitised Structural Glazing System
Semi - Unitized
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